Let's shoot! Yes, it's a tiny bit cold - so what? We can deal with that!

January 17, 2024  •  Leave a Comment


You guys! Look at the weather forecast! In the next 48 hours, there is going to be an inch or slightly more of snow falling in the area of Lewis Center ( and presumably Powell, Westerville, Dublin, Columbus, etc. ) That is absolutely PERFECT for a winter photoshoot! Seriously, it is!


Winter photoshoots can be sooo beautiful and fun, too! The trick is to just stay as warm as possible between shots, and that is not hard to do. Just wear a great big warm coat, gloves, hat, etc. and keep that on in between shots. We can take as many breaks as necessary - so like shoot for a couple of minutes then warm up for a couple of minutes, then shoot, then warm up, and so on. It's really not that hard or uncomfortable and you can get such amazing images by shooting in the winter time!


So, what do you say? Just contact me and let's shoot! I can do it like any time at all! We will find an amazing spot and create amazing images!


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