My workflow - and why it matters!

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jonathanhallphotography.comjonathanhallphotography.comxr:d:DAF3vcczl9c:293,j:6293068030610385427,t:23122600 Hey you guys! I am writing this blog post to explain my workflow, and why it matters if you shoot with me!

So, here is my workflow...

First, when I do a shoot, I charge a flat hourly rate - there are no packages or anything like that. I keep it simple for both me and my client! Hooray!

For every hour I shoot, I do 4 hours of editing / post-processing.

I then provide my client with an online, password-protected gallery of final, fully-edited images, which they can download. While a client may choose to purchase prints, products, albums, etc. directly through their gallery, they are under no obligation to do so.

But, allow me to take a step back now and explain what I do before, during, and after the photoshoot in more detail.

Before the shoot, I am always happy to plan out the photoshoot in great detail - this means planning the outfits, the poses, the locations, etc. either with the client ( I love when they participate in this ) or without them if they'd rather I handle all the details. I firmly believe that the best photoshoot is a well-planned photoshoot, although I am always ready and willing to do photoshoots on the fly when necessary.

During the shoot, I love to keep things totally relaxed and have fun. I believe the best smiles are genuine smiles! I am also totally good with very serious looks - whatever the client wants!

After the shoot comes the editing and post-processing. I very much enjoy this which is quite a departure from most photographers who seem to hate hate hate editing. I love it! So allow me to go into a bit more detail about this part...

I usually start off by importing the original, RAW files into a program called Adobe Lightroom. This is what I use to cull the images ( keeping the best ones and removing the not-best ones ) and this is definitely a bit of an artform because having a good sense of what to keep and how many images to keep for further editing is not easy. I have to find the perfect balance between delivering as many images to my client as I can, while also editing the images to perfection - and fitting all of that into the allotted amount of time that I have to edit.

Once I have narrowed down the images, I continue to use Lightroom to do very simple, basic enhancements - I adjust the lighting, color temperature, do some cropping, etc. - the simple, basic edits.

From Lightroom, I launch each image into Photoshop, where I do the much more sophisticated edits. This is where I do artwork and more complex edits like enhancing the skin, eyes, lips, teeth, etc. I remove objects or parts I don't like, add objects or parts that I do want, move things about, etc. It can be fairly quick or quite lengthy depending on the image and what I want to do.

From Photoshop I frequently launch into PortraitPro Studio 23 - this allows me to do even more precise edits to the skin, face, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

Also from Photoshop I frequently launch into ON1 - this is a program that I use to create various sophisticated effects. Typically, once I've done some things in ON1, I return to Photoshop to fine-tune the edits.

Finally, I upload the images to a private gallery on my website. I password-protect the gallery so that only my client has access.

During this process, I typically will post a few images to social media ( with my client's permission ) as teasers so that they get a glimpse of what is to come - I think this is really fun to do!

Anyway, that is my workflow, and now you know! Hooray!



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