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The stairwell of a parking garage can be a great place to shoot - if you find the right one!A beautiful model in downtown ColumbusThis model's beauty stands in stark contrast to the grungy room she in which she is sitting...A beautiful young model is holding a red dress...A beautiful woman in a beautiful dress in a beautiful setting - just perfect!A beautiful model seated atop a kitchen island smiles while eating a snack...A beautiful young model posing against a rustic wall...This pretty senior poses next to a tree and smiles at the cameraThis young man plays the guitar while channeling the spirit of Kurt Cobain...This image is so fun with the splashing about, the model and her expression, and the rainbow!A beautiful model dressed for a night out poses on the edge of her tub...A witch looks up with outstretched arms as her familiar, a raven, returns from it's journeyThis model was caught in the act!A midwestern beauty enjoying an afternoon out on the farm.You should never let a little rain prevent you from strolling the beautiful streets of Toulose...Such a classic look for the beautiful high school senior...This moody scene is absolutely beautiful!This gorgeous swimsuit model looks like she means business!This melancholy bride is reflecting on what could have been...A beautiful senior girl with a super cute smile!