Hey you guys - so I for years and years and years I had an "About Page" that I wrote myself, and it wasn't so bad I didn't think. I mean, it basically talked about me and what I do and how I do it and so forth. And then along came ChatGPT and I let it write my "About Page" for me, because it seemed like the smart thing to do. And at first I thought OMG that is pretty good and I went with it. But then I kept coming back to it again and again and again and you know what? It just didn't really sound like me. Maybe it sounded really smart, or clever, or polished, or professional, but obviously none of those things describe me at all. So, for the sake of honesty and transparency, I have decided to write it myself...


Hey! My name is Jon and I am a professional photographer, specializing in editorial fashion, model portfolio creation and development, and creative portraiture. I love photography and I love art and I love people and so that fits really well into what I do. Oh yeah also I am pretty good at Photoshop and I use it a lot!


My photoshoots are fun and professional and never ever ever awkward. I don't take myself too seriously and neither should you. If you want to shoot with me let me know and I will work with you to create images that you will absolutely love.


Also, I like cats. Thank you.